individual therapy
'Children use all their senses to discover the world.' - Eudora Welty
Younger children do not have the vocabulary yet to express in words how they feel. Through play they can express their feelings and thoughts. It is important when working with children that a child friendly environment is created where a child can explore and connect.
Parents are seen as co-therapists in the therapeutic process. After a child has been assessed feedback is given to the parent. Play therapy,bonding therapy and attachment work are some of our main focus areas at METT Centre.
In Play therapy the therapists use structured and unstructured play therapy methods. The therapist develops a program based on the emotional needs of the child.
Children can be helped on a short,medium or longterm base.
Other examples of therapy being provided is helping children with aggression, grief and divorce. As well as any need a child will have that is going through a challenge at school or home. If a child can start to communicate with words what they have experienced.
In trauma work after the child has played through their difficult experiences they can often start to express themselves in words.

METT Centre believe that each child's individual needs should be supported, especially in some cases where children do not have other adults to turn to for support. The therapy house is their 'safe haven' where they can be supported throughout their school years.
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